Automation and Robotics

Automation and Robotics
Our main goal is to increase the volume and optimize production costs through process automation. We offer comprehensive solutions and support from design, through execution and documentation, to service and maintenance of the completed device. Knowing your goals and assumptions, we offer design solutions related to process automation.
As part of the service we offer:

Consultation and advice
Implementation engineers will develop optimal solutions for you, comprehensively analyzing your automation needs.

Automation of production processes
Automation of all production
and production-related aspects

Comprehensive hall equipment
Subassemblies and assemblies of devices
Fast deliveries, full spectrum of supply

Full or partial robotization of production
Enterprise automation project tailored to your needs
Training of operators and technical inspectors

Integration of production lines
Retrofitting of work stations
Adaptation of stands to EU requirements in terms of equipment, health and safety etc.

Improvement of technological and logistics processes
Staff support at closing the distribution chain
organization of deliveries, freight, comprehensive service.

On time
We work according to strict time regimes, giving you the guarantee of quick implementation of entrusted orders.
Certified equipment, modern solutions and an important civil liability policy as part of the commissioned work are standard for us!
Proven solutions, many years of experience and a modern approach to project implementation.

Our priority is an effective solution of production automation taking into account economic issues. Automation and robotics, or rather automatization and robotization of production stations, are implementations necessary in every production plant focused on efficiency and large scale of the enterprise. Our technical and service solutions ensure the uninterrupted operation of your production lines, assembly halls, and other workplaces.

One of the main activities of our automation specialists is the modernization of existing implementations. We offer a full review of documentation and implementation, its update, as well as the introduction of changes in production processes that translate into increased efficiency, stabilization of work parameters and, finally, better and trouble-free operation of devices and entire lines. We design and manufacture safety systems with access gates, work stop devices (e-stop, light curtains, etc.). We guarantee full post-implementation documentation, including access to projects in electronic formats (E-Plan).

We work with and program the equipment of the world’s largest brands: Siemens, Fanuc, ABB, Allen-Bradley (Rockwell Automation) and others.

Automation implementations are one of the most complex processes on the path to the development of every enterprise. Regardless of how your production process looks like today, we can make it more economical thanks to the use of robots and automatic devices. It is thanks to such activities that we contribute to the success of our customers!

Automation and process control

Implementation and integration of measuring systems

Improving production parameters

Process automation

Applications supporting production and management

Implementation of industrial robots and collaborative robots

Remote process monitoring

Visualization of control on HMI panels

Design and installation of security systems

How we implement automation?
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