Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Hydraulics and Pneumatics
We are a leading service of pneumatics and power hydraulics systems. We use the latest technology thanks to the constant supply from leading mechanics manufacturers. We care about the safety of hydraulic systems, we design new solutions and modernize existing ones.
As part of the service we offer:

Repair and production of cylinders
Hydraulic and gas power systems
Renovation, installation, projects.

Engineering works
Hydraulic and pneumatic installation projects

Central control systems
mplementation of integrated control systems for proposed installations

Assembly and installation
Selection and placement of wires, cabling, filters, valves, etc

Selection of engines and aggregates
with connection and start-up
Planning of filtration and purification of power supply

Central pneumatic installations
Design and implementation of a central power supply system for pneumatics / hydraulics

Leakage measurements
Audit of owned and serviced installations in terms of their tightness in working conditions

Selection and exchange of chemistry
Ensuring the long-term efficiency of the proposed installations
Measurement technique and installation diagnostics

Replacement of connections and cable fittings
Service and production of hydraulic and pneumatic power lines

On time
We work according to strict time regimes, giving you the guarantee of quick implementation of entrusted orders.
Certified equipment, modern solutions and an important civil liability policy as part of the commissioned work are standard for us!
Proven solutions, many years of experience and a modern approach to project implementation.

We are a leading service of pneumatic and power hydraulics systems in Poland. We use the latest technology thanks to the constant supply by the world’s largest producers of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions. We care about the safety of hydraulic systems, design new solutions and modernize existing ones.

The focus of our company are industrial needs regarding power hydraulics solutions and all related machines. We provide supply lines for pressure distribution using liquids and gases, taking into account their strength and operating characteristics (high temperatures, presence of corrosive substances, etc.). We care about their proper placement and placement in accordance with engineering art.

We select supply devices (aggregates, filtering stations, purifiers) and powered (engines, servomotors, gearboxes, production lines requiring media supply, etc.), appropriate to the needs. We offer a number of solutions related to the quality of fluid in the system – appropriate filters and separators guarantee trouble-free operation of powered devices, and the proposed industrial chemistry will meet its task exactly in specific operating conditions.

Mechanical works related to installations

Design, preparation and implementation of technological installations

Adaptive modernization of systems.

Bending, welding, gluing pipes

Installation measurements and diagnostics

Laboratory quality tests of liquids

Filter station installations

Hydraulic drives support

Connecting, sharing, increasing power, working range, etc.

Our hydraulic and pneumatic projects:
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