Industrial Machines Modernization

Industrial Machines Modernization
We offer modernization and adaptation services for machines and devices that are at the enterprises’ disposal. We care about compliance with current regulations, guaranteeing a long life and full security of our solutions. Thanks to modernization works, your machines will achieve greater efficiency, and existing problems in operation will remain only in a memory.
As part of the service we offer:

Modernization of electrical systems
Control cabinets, control panels. Implementation of modern control and transmission solutions supporting machines

Modernization of automation systems
Modern solutions usage.
Full line automation, process quality improvement, production cycle acceleration.

Modernization of mechanical systems
Replacement of engines, gears, transmission, belts, transmission chains etc.
Central process control.

Increasing the level of security
Separation of safety zones, fencing and protection of danger zones.
Analysis of component devices for SIL and PL

Design changes to machines
Adaptive reconstruction, foundation construction. Designs for the internal development of the production hall, steel structures, handrails, etc.

Adaptation to standards
Design changes to devices, completing documentation in order to adapt them to the currently applicable legal norms (eg Machine Dytective – so-called “CE”)

On time
We work according to strict time regimes, giving you the guarantee of quick implementation of entrusted orders.
Certified equipment, modern solutions and an important civil liability policy as part of the commissioned work are standard for us!
Proven solutions, many years of experience and a modern approach to project implementation.

We repair and modernize machines. Our activities directly affect the efficiency and durability of solutions. We offer our clients free audit services to determine the needs and modernization possibilities. Thanks to this action, at the planning stage, we are able to present both: the cost of implementation and its benefits.

In the interests of our clients, we offer a team of engineers who, through their experience and comprehensive skills, provide professional knowledge and assistance in the face of all, even the most difficult challenges. All stages of implementation are carried out by our employees, guaranteeing full internal control of all processes.

We offer services in the field of design, implementation and as-built services. We also guarantee efficient supply chain management so that the ordered spare parts arrive on time, allowing you to perform your tasks when you need them.

We offer modernization services primarily in the following cases:
– the need to adapt devices to the amended acts,
– insufficient process communication (output of signals from machines),
– the need to improve machine safety,
– insufficient efficiency of the production process,
– too many production errors,
– willingness to automate processes carried out manually (machines, semi-automatic and full-automatic lines),
– implementing new production, for which the devices must be adapted.

We guarantee a full range of design services, mechanical performance (including supply of necessary utilities), logistics of ready devices, as well as their certification in accordance with applicable regulations and full service support of the proposed solutions. We guarantee quick response times, modern executive equipment, solid technical knowledge of our employees, as well as fully professional service for your order, in accordance with the highest world standards.

How do we work on modernizations?
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