Proposed Services

Machine Assembly and Repairing
Comprehensive support for equipment and production lines
Assembly, disassembly, current service, maintenance, preventive inspections, design of new equipment, etc.

Machine Adaptation and Certification (CE)
Certification of machines and devices in accordance with EU directives (Declaration of Conformity)
Creating and restoring documentation, legal advice
Więcej Dokumentacja techniczna projektów

Industrial Relocations
Halls and equipment movement
Works using equipment for special tasks: overhead cranes, conveyors, elevators, cranes, etc. We support works up to 65 tons

Automation and industrial robotics
Your technological support
Comprehensive automation service in your company. Projects, implementations, modernization and maintenance. Designation of safety zones

CNC Machining
Spare parts tailored for your needs!
Milling, turning, cutting and welding services. Steel processing, production of structures and spare parts. Retail and wholesale production

Electrical Installations
Efficiency and security of installations
Electrical switchgears installation, modernization, examination, legalization and certification. Full acceptance documentation (thermovision, X-RAY)

Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Energy support
Servicing of hydraulic installations in production plants. Installations projects, service and modernization.

Technological Installations
Quality and Reliability
Electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, ventilation and cooling. Measurements, designs and performance

Work at Heights
Security supported by experience
Work at heights with the involvement of authorized personnel and the certified equipment usage

Industrial Machines Modernization
Expansion, operation improvement, repair
Modernization and reconstruction of all types of industrial structures and machines
Więcej Modernizacja maszyn

Maintenance Services
Services and periodic inspections of machines and devices
We provide conditions for fault-free operation
Więcej Utrzymanie ruchu

Machines and Devices Construction
Designing tailored machines that fit your needs
Proven, solid, flexible and creative solutions in the field of machine mechanics
Więcej budowa maszyn i urządzeń

On time
We work according to strict time regimes, giving you the guarantee of quick implementation of entrusted orders.
Certified equipment, modern solutions and an important civil liability policy as part of the commissioned work are standard for us!
Proven solutions, many years of experience and a modern approach to project implementation.
Why US?
  • Staff Qualifications
  • From Design to Implementation
  • Materials supply
  • Hardware Logistics
  • Liability insurance

We have the necessary and required permissions for all undertaken work. We care about current certification and raising the qualifications of our employees. The equipment on which our employees work always has current approvals and technical reviews, guaranteeing safety and reliability of operation, in accordance with the UDT (polish
Office of Technical Inspection) and equipment manufacturers' guidelines. All our works are supervised by qualified OHS specialists.


We guarantee comprehensive implementation. As a general contractor, we provide a full range of services in the implementation of orders. We deal with conceptual development, design in accordance with the latest regulations on construction technologies, execution, and acquisition of necessary components. We deliver and install finished products at the customer's premises, conducting all necessary startup tests, and guaranteeing complete documentation. We also care about maintaining our structures in technical conditions, offering maintenance services after the warranty period.

We support projects from the logistics side, guaranteeing the delivery of materials in accordance with the project and demand. Reliable suppliers, the best price guarantee, on-time delivery, and no need to get involved in procurement and delivery issues, mean that customers are eager to reach for our comprehensive solutions!

A competitive market requires quick adaptation and bold investment decisions. Many enterprises have their production or storage centers in many locations, between which the migration of equipment and devices is everyday life, an element required for the smooth functioning of the entire enterprise. We provide full hardware logistics during the execution of orders. As part of the service, you can count on the fast and efficient movement of equipment in production halls and their possible transfer to other zones and areas. Your machines will be ready to work wherever it is needed. We handle one-time and recurring orders, guaranteeing time and price, so you can successfully plan processes based on relocated devices.

We start all started projects by developing the required scope of insurance. We have a liability insurance policy for damages with a maximum value of EUR 3,000,000, which in the case of projects with a higher value can be determined individually to meet your needs. The insurance guarantees peace for you and us in every situation, when the operations are risky and involve the risk of overturning, abrasions, etc. Despite all care for an accident-free style of work - it is worth having financial support from the claim adjuster!

How do we work?

We start all work with visual inspection and then the planned safeguarding of the workplace. All activities are carried out in accordance with the instructions (health and safety regulations, fire protection, Technical Inspection Authority, internal regulations, etc.). We have ready task teams for all types of industrial works – from relocation, through service and supplies, to inspections and projects. If you are interested in how we look at the “action”, we invite you to familiarize yourself with our short promotional film, where you will find documentation of our work. We recommend it!

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