Work at Heights

Work at Heights
We offer a wide spectrum of climbing and altitude services in industrial conditions. By using rope access, we achieve an advantage over standard work at height. We have all the necessary permissions in the field of work, support the highest quality personal protection equipment of recognized brands. We always stand up to the challenge!
As part of the service we offer:

Anticorrosion works
Protection of steel structures, concrete and reinforced concrete. Painting, impregnation, corrosion protection, coating testing, cleaning (sandblasting)

Installation of structures at heights
Work with rope scaffolding
Work platforms, ladders, antenna holders, ventilation sections, chimneys, cable routes, welding, cutting, etc.

Altitude and deep ground searches
Specialist technical control.
Inspections of chimneys, silos, roofs and surfaces at heights, searches of tanks.

Maintenance of special purpose facilities

Work in accordance with the project guidelines. Maintenance and ongoing repairs of facilities, non-invasive tests of structures, work under the supervision of architects and engineers.

Advertising constructions
Individual advertising objects

Installation of billboards, construction of masts and truss structures, custom designs, lighting of advertising space, legalization of advertisements

Securing the structure against tilting or falling

Construction protection, balancing, loading and unloading assistance, weight protection, height relocation, controlled lowering and lifting of the structure

On time
We work according to strict time regimes, giving you the guarantee of quick implementation of entrusted orders.
Certified equipment, modern solutions and an important civil liability policy as part of the commissioned work are standard for us!
Proven solutions, many years of experience and a modern approach to project implementation.

We offer a full spectrum of work at heights and altitude services in industrial conditions. In this kind of activities, we use rope scaffolding, thanks to which we achieve an advantage over standard constructions (scaffolding) wherever the process of placing standard protections is difficult or impossible to implement due to technical conditions or simply the cost of installation.

We use all known mountaineering techniques, not only using downhill and rope climbing solutions (the basics of mountaineering), but also adapting mountaineering achievements to industrial applications – in matters of belaying and protecting employees performing service, inspection or repair activities.

We have all the necessary permissions to the extent that we are able to carry out the proposed work (IRTA, SPART, OTDL and others), we carry out all work at heights in the presence of the necessary safeguards, only with the use of certified and technically functional Personal Protection Equipment with current approvals.

Measurements at heights

Altitude transport

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Installations and reviews of belay points

Insulation of hard to reach places

Ice protection installations

Roof snow removal

Heating installations

Advertising construction assembly

Installation and replacement of industrial chimney filters

Installation and maintenance of ventilation ducts

Replacement, assembly, sealing of facades

Installation of early warning sensors (exhaust gases, gases etc.)

Advertising assembly

Installation of antennas, spiers, masts, etc.

Construction of rope and security access

Expert opinions, inventories, measurements

Other works at heights

How we work at heights??
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